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How to earn money from YouTube: Hello Friends Today’s post will tell you how to earn money from YouTube Friends, let me tell you that earning money from YouTube is not any difficult task. YouTube has been made by google itself. Through which we can easily watch the video. Along with this, let me also tell you that YouTube is also a very good way to earn money. Video has to be uploaded on YouTube by creating a channel, and in return we have an income. On YouTube, you can easily earn money without spending any money.

If you also want to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. So you must complete this post because today I am going to share complete information in Hindi about how to earn money from YouTube in this post. I have already told you that YouTube is google only and you know that Google is not Fraud. So Friends if you have Internet in YouTube and you also want to make money from YouTube by making videos. So you must take some time to complete this post. In this case, let me also tell you that there are many such ways on the Internet . Where you can earn money online . But today we will tell you only about YouTube. We will tell you about Auro in the next post.

How to earn money from YouTube – How to earn money from YouTube


The best platform to upload video on YouTube channel. You can easily do Monty Earning from 10000.20000 to 100000 by uploading video on YouTube. People are also earning a lot of money from YouTube. Let me tell you that this is not a very difficult task at all. For this you must have some things. We tell you about whom you should follow.

If you want to quickly viral your YouTube video among people, then you must complete this post.

What is required to do YouTube Video Viral

step 1

  • Your Voice

The first thing you need to earn YouTube is how your voice is, because you pay more attention to the voice of Audience Video maker. Therefore it is very important that your voice should be good and your way of speaking should be different.

  • Your Talent:

It is very important that you can learn how and what people can do on your YouTube Video. How much you can Impress, so that they can wait for your new video.

  • Video Quality:

Which quality video you are uploading to your YouTube channel is also very important. So I would like to tell you that the quality of any video you upload should be good. So that your user likes it more and more.

Step 2

  • Camera

If you want to make a video by recording the screen of the computer, then it is very important for you to have a good camera. If you have a good camera, you can also use Camera Studio Software.

  • Video Editing

If you want to earn by uploading videos by creating videos on YouTube, then for this you should also have knowledge of Video Editing. So that you can do video editing well.

  • Google Audience

It is very important that if you want to earn by uploading videos by creating videos on YouTube, then it is very important to have your friends on the social media like Facebook, Twitter on the Internet so that you can share any of your videos on social media. Your friends see him immediately.

How to earn money from YouTube Full Guide in Hindi

To earn money from YouTube, first you have to create a YouTube channel and then upload your created video on it. Then after this you have to connect your YouTube channel with Google Ad sense. Let us know about this from the bed too.

How to create YouTube channel

To earn YouTube, the first thing you need to do is to create a YouTube channel. To create a YouTube channel, first of all you go to YouTube.Com website and log it in with your Email Id. YouTube is Google only, so we have a separate YouTube Channel on YouTube There is no need to create.

Create 5-6 videos and upload them

After creating YouTube channel, you now have to create and upload some of your videos on YouTube channel. Which is your own made video.

Connect YouTube Channel with Google Ad sense

After monetizing YouTube channel, you have to connect YouTube channel with Ad sense. Now the ads that will show on your video are adsense ads, through which your income is.

Enable Monetization on YouTube Video

After uploading some Self Create Video on YouTube channel, you have to monetize your YouTube channel. Or you have to monetize YouTube videos.

Finally Start Making Money With YouTube Channel

Now your YouTube channel has been created. And have also associated him with ad sense. And monetize it as well. So now your YouTube channel has started earning money from you. Now all you have to do is upload your videos and earn money from it.

Note: When your video gets 1000 views, then connect your YouTube channel with ad sense. If you do before that then it is very difficult to approval your YouTube channel from Ad sense account.

So Friends how to earn money from YouTube if you have not understood anything about it or have any question related to YouTube channel in your mind. Then you can ask me by commenting

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