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Hello today’s post, I am going to give you complete information about what is the Google Datally App and how it works and how you can use it, which is very important for everyone today. If you also want to know about this, then you must complete this post till the bottom. Hopefully you will be able to get complete information about what is the Google Datally App here-

Friends, let me tell you that the Google Datally App has been launched for Android user some time ago. With the help of which you can save your data. With this, many more features are available in it, which we are going to tell you today in Detail. With the help of Google Datally App, you can get information about your data, where your data is being wasted. Let me tell you that Google Datally App not only monitors the most used data in Androids Phone, but with the help of Google Datally App, you also detect WIFI Hotspote. Let me tell you that Google Datally App is a very good app for the Internet user – come and know about it in a little detail.

What is Google Datally App


First of all, let us know that Google Datally App is also the data saving app of Google. Google Datally App was launched by Google on 30 November 2017. Saving data by this is very easy. It is a Mobile Data Manager that helps you to monitor, save and control your data. If you use Google Datally App. So whatever backgraound data is spent, you can easily save it. Google Datally App is 4-5MB. Which nearly 1 million people have downloaded to you. Through Track and Control in the Data Usage Service of Google Datally App, you can save more data and get more Advantages from your phone.

How to download Google Datally App


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Like all apps, you can download the Google Datally App from the Google Play Store. Let us tell you a little bit for this also.

  • First of all you have to go to Google Play Store. And from there you have to search the Google Datally App and download it.
  • Clicking on the Google Datally App, you open it, here you have to install the Google Datally App, following all the conditions like all the apps. And then you can use it.

How to use Google Datally App

Now let us know how to download Google Datally App, now let’s also go about its use, after all you can use it in some way.

After the Google Datally App is installed, you will now be asked for Data Usage Access Permission for data controlling, which you have to allowed. After this, your Google Datally App has started, if you click on Setup Data Saver, then your Data Saver will be enabled. And now you can use it easily.

Google Datally App के Feature

Friends also get to know about some features of Google Datally App.

Data Saver

Google Datally App will check the performance of the data and prevent the wasting of the data so that you can save about 35% of the data. Along with this, it also maintains your internet speed.


This sets the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service in the device to block Unwanted Mobile Data Usage.

Data Management

With the help of Google Datally App, you can do data management according to yourself. Along with this, you also get download and browser speed in the phone.

How the Google Datally App works

Tell you, whenever you turn on the internet data in your phone. So in this case, many apps in your phone Backgraound become active. Which takes data charge. Due to which our internet data runs out quickly. And we don’t even know. So, if you install Google Datally App in your phone, then it can save your data, friends, you can save your data from being ruined.

Google Datally App will check your Internet Usage and will show you the graph of which app is consume how much data is being consume, if asked directly, friends, on this app you can see the data usage of all the applications so that you will know which How much data did the application convey? Its best feature is that those who do your data consumption in App Background can track them.

i hope you have liked our today’s post of what is the google datally app- and how it works and you will have got full information about the google datally app in this post. If you have not understood anything in this post, then you can ask us by commenting and we will definitely help you. What is our Google Datally App today- and how it works can be shared with your friends and also on your social media account so that those people who do not know about Google Datally App Ke Features, can also share it Get information about

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