Hindi content writer Mukesh Chandra | Hindi content writer Mukesh Chandra

Hello Friends as you all know that I (PlayHindi.com) constantly share posts for you on technology, festival, internet etc. so that you can keep updated with everything but today this post I am not going to give you any information about any technology, festival, internet etc. But I am going to tell about myself how I have struggled with my life and made a career in blogging. This post is special for new bloggers or content writers who give up courage and give up blogging.

Friends, as everyone knows that to get success in any work, hard work has to be done. And behind every success there is definitely a story attached to it. So today I will tell you about the things that I had to go through to make my career successful in blogging. But before that, let me tell you that I am not a very big blogger, if it comes to your mind that when this person is telling his history, then maybe he will be a big blogger.

So you should not think that at all, I am telling about myself only because that blogger who loses courage by blogging. He got to learn something from this article of mine.

Hindi content writer Mukesh Chandra | Hindi content writer Mukesh Chandra

Name Mukesh Chandra
Date Of Birth7 JULY 1998
EducationB. Tech (IT) Final Year
The profession(Blogger And Content Writer)
Blogging Entry16 June 2018
EMAIL[email protected]

Friends I joined Inspire on 16 June 2018 through my close friends Arvind Bhai, Yasar Bhai Founder ( sharethisindia.com ) and Hyder Khan Founder ( OnlineHindiGuide.com ) and I bought Yourhindi.com domain name. And worked for 8 hours a day on it. Meaning that every day the internet used to publish 3 posts related to technology festival. Initially I used to have a lot of problem in writing posts. After working hard to write 20 posts, he applied for Google AdSense application. Approble was found only in one go. But after much hard work, there was no traffic even after publishing 300 articles on the website.

New domain name resume

In 2019, I bought a new domain name on the suggestion of Hyder Khan Founder (OnlineHindiGuide.com) on Playhindi.com due to non-increase of traffic on yourhindi.com and all the data of your old domain name Yourhindi.com on it by pointing it to Playhindi.com gave. And now I am working on it regularly.

Life Change Moment

In 2019, I started working on my website playhindi.com and studying B.Tech Final Year as well as Hindi content writing and now I am working on more content content writing than my website. Now I cannot tell how much I am doing. But I still have a lot of website work on which I work for regular 6 to 8 hours. And every month there is a good morning. The list of the website that I am working on right now is given below-

  • Wtechni.com
  • sarkarihindi.com
  • onlinehindipoint.com
  • anjantechresearch.com
  • sarkarihindi.com
  • govtyojana.com
  • hindirojgarsamachar.in
  • sitehindi.com
  • technicaldiwanji.com

If anyone needs a Hindi content writer, they can contact me on the mail given below.

Mail – [email protected]

Contact Number – 6397812166 

How to become a content writer – Content Writer kaise Bane

Content writing is a very old art which is changing over time. Previously, where a person had to convey any of his information to someone, he used to convey his information to one another through a letter. But today everything has changed because today is the era of internet. So today, instead of one letter, we send your information to other people through internet.

Today there are millions of websites on the Internet where people share their content knowledge with other people. We can say that today, content writing has become a very important option to share your point with other people. If you also want to make a good content writer, then you should have some knowledge and good qualities for it. I have given some tips to become a good content writer below. If you want to become a good content writer and want to earn money by publishing content on content writing or blogs, then follow the tips given below-

Identify your reader

We all know that communication is always between two people, so take special care of what you are writing in your content. Meaning friends, you have to write content keeping your reader in mind that what he wants to hear from you, try to convey the same kind of content to your reader.

Do good research

Doing research on what you want to write or what your readers want from you is a very good point. If you have a good skill to research then you can become a good content writer.

Write good content

To be a good content writer, you must adapt yourself to the trade. Meaning that friends, news, social media, technology should be any category, you should write on that category. Because today there are many such web on the internet which demand articles from different categories.

Create unique content

For any content writer to be a good content writer, it is very important to have a unique, quality content written by him. This is very important for the reader as well as the SEO.


Friends, if you are going to start blogging or blogging. But the earnings have not started yet, so do not lose courage and whatever your blog is. Working hard on it will definitely get success one day.

Rest of course if you believe in yourself then it is not difficult to do any work. So whenever you do someone, do it with all your heart.

Final Word

Friends, through this article I just want to convey this message to you. Whatever work you do, whether it is blogging or any other field, do not lose courage at all.

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